Welcome new and returning students! We have so many fun and exciting events planned for you this year I wouldn’t know where to begin.

Students Sick Tray Policy

There is nothing more miserable than being ill and unable to make it to a meal. If you would like to order a sick tray, call the Dining Commons at 807-7260. You may then have a resident assistant or friend bring your I.D. to the DC to obtain your meal.

Visiting Family Members

Visiting family members are welcome to eat in the Dining Commons building. Please come to the main office 24 hours prior to receive the meal voucher.

Bethel Students

In the event of a severe weather storm & the Bethel College Campus is declared closed, food service operations across campus will remain open. Please keep in mind that services may be limited due to staffing & availability of product, but we will make every effort to ensure students are provided with adequate meal choices.

Looking for a special Gift?
Campus Dining offers a variety of gift packages, tasty treats and special surprises… Check out our gifts page!